A Google Party

Google has recently opened a new office in Kirkland, WA. Last night they had their open house party to welcome people into their new Washington home. So, what a better way to get some free stuff and free food? Right? Of course! Trevor, Anthony, Jamie, and I headed out to the party where we later ran into Tho, Michelle, Dan, and Sean.

It was cool to see their new place albeit I have never seen their original home. A friend of mine, Eric, has an offer from them and I am pretty jealous of him. I could only wish that I would be so lucky to get an offer from a company like Google. They would be great to work for IMO.

Their office had this friendly atmosphere to it. Very new wave and colorful. It makes it seem very inviting and a place that you would want to work in. But, I could be totally wrong.

I thought that the event was done very well. The food was great (more food than expected), they had live music, and there were quite a bit of people around the office to mill with and to chat. However, we didn’t do this because we are anti-social. So, we just sat in a conference room and drank free soda, beer, wine, and ate their food. Ah, the amazing things of life.

After Trevor won his iPod at the party (lucky man!) we headed off to Cowen Park. Yes, we acted like little children on the swings and the playground. I think Anthony had the most fun though. He was on this wire glide thing and all I could hear while I was on the swings was the following:

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hahaha!

Yes, he is a little boy in a big kid’s body. But, the park was way fun. We eventually, walked ourselves, in the dark mind you, to Ravenna Park. We sang songs, skipped, and scared the crap out of Jamie along the way. Ah, walks in dark parks.

Overall it was a really good night. I got a free shirt, pen, food, drinks, and had some fun as well. Trevor has also put up some good stuff on is oft neglected blog. His summary is way better than the garbage I just posted here.