IUGA Lan Party

Last night IUGA had their first LAN Party of the year. I was a little worried before the night started that we would not get enough people to come to the event. However, when I showed up at 5:15 (15 minutes early) I was amazed to see that about 15 people were already there. So, the night was young and I was at ease for how the night was going to go.

It was great to be able to tap some of the iSchool’s computing resources for the event. Our school’s IT director was gracious enough to lend us the labs for the event. The PC’s are pretty kickin’ and playing games on them was pretty fun as well.

The night mainly consisted of UT 2004, Halo 2, and CS: Source. I am quite a fan of CS and that is what I spent the greater part of my night playing. Of course, the peanut gallery of Sean, Aaron, and Dan kept the game interesting for the majority of the night. This was pretty fun. I mean, when Sean is amazed that the toilets in MGH automatically flush, you know you’re bound to have a good time.

I have to give Jamie some props for killing me in CS. Of course she had to do it with a headshot nonetheless.

Over the entire night somewhere around 45 people showed up. This is probably one of the largest IUGA events to date and we hope to do some more of these later this year. It blew me away, but in a totally good way. I was glad to see such a mix of people at the event.

I had a really good time (despite my pounding headache) and I hope that those who went did as well. For IUGA it was a win and for those in attendance it seemed to be a win for them as well. I mean, we had just the right amount of food and the drinks that were leftover can be saved for the next meeting or IUGA event.

Some other posts about IUGA Lan were written by Dave and Trevor.

Lastly, props to Anthony and the entire LAN Committee for a kick ass event!