MediaWiki Woes

I’ve had a wiki up for a few months on my site and I thought that it would/could be a great tool for the upcoming capstone. So, we made some pages and had some suff on there (proposal, ideas, features, etc…). It was working out really well. I liked it.

I think that a wiki is a powerful tool. But, so is RSS. So, David asks me if there is an RSS feed for it and I tell him no. I then begin to look for wikis that have RSS. I want to stay w/ MediaWiki since that is what I’ve used in the past. So, I head over to their site and I realize that there is a new version. Not just a little release, but a freakin’ point relase. Seeing that I should upgrade, I do what everybody should do when they updgrade. I backup. I got my SQL dump and my entire wiki directory. I’m set, right?

At this point I begin the installation process. Things are going fine and the installation goes all and well. But, I go to look at my wiki when it is over and I see this blasted message:

[pear_error: message="failed to open stream: Operation not permitted" code=0 mode=return level=notice prefix="" info=""]

Yeah, ok, an error. No biggie. I look it up online and I find this helpful tidbit. So, my lines in my PHPTAL.php file now look like:

if (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) == "WIN") {
$default_temp = "/path/to/your/temp/tmp";
} else {
$default_temp = "/path/to/your/temp/tmp";

I know that I did it for both the Windows and Unix systems. I did this because I was having problems with it working, so I just put it in both places. Then, I make my new temp directory in my home directory and CHMOD 777 (yes, that is bad, I know). I reload it and bam! Same message!

At this point I am just frustrated. So, I delete the entire wiki directory and begin the upload my backup to my site. I process my SQL file and I’m back to normal. Right? Wrong! Same damn error message. Ok, now what?

My current state of logic is that I should just upgrade. There are security updates and some feature additions (no clue on it now has RSS) which might be good to have. So, I install the same thing over that I just did an hour or two ago. Well, you can guess where this is headed… Broken! That’s where!

I do this for a couple hours and now I am here… with a busted wiki.

EDIT: OMG WTF. It works… How the hell did that happen?!
EDIT #2: The reason why it wasn’t working after I changed the PHPTAL.php file was becasue the FTP client I was using was not changing the CHMOD on the directory to 777 until after I refreshed my FTP screen. So, if you can get the permissions set right, you’re all set. I just had a bad FTP experience.