5 Hours Later

After spending a good five hours tonight on 440, I think I am done for today.

On my way home today I thought that I would have nothing todo and I could come home and play Half-Life 2 until I passed out. But, instead I decided to do some cleanup work on our 440 project. While in the process of doing this I get an email from the class list saying what a “good” prototype would be. This was a surprise to me and it just added a lot more work to do for our group.

We took care of it and we are set to be that “good” group, or whatever. The tasks were dealt out and the work is being completed. But, it is just a lot of work that I didn’t anticipate nor do I care to do. I also don’t think it really adds that much to the project. Oh well, now it is over for today and I can just go to bed, wake up tomorrow, and be free of that work that I completed today. I can only hope that there aren’t many more surprises like this for the rest of the quarter.

2 thoughts on “5 Hours Later”

  1. A good prototype is that which comes closest to doing what it is supposed to do without really doing anything, while conveying to the user the sense of the virtual functionality of a proposed system that appears to do exactly what it is supposed to do in actuality. Wait – that’s not what he said? No wonder I got a “1” on that quiz section…

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