Jingle Pal Jamie

On the night before the 1st, Jules gave Jamie her gift.
The look on her face was just filled with complete bliss.
She gave it a squeeze of the arm and it all came alive.
We stood and we watched and we just about died.

Watching Jamie play with her gift was just fun. She was so happy that it was just hard to comprehend. I can’t even begin to describe it. Yes, she was so excited. The pictures can’t even begin to describe it. But, below you can see that she her playing with her new toy. It was just so funny. Now Jules has set the bar for me in regards to getting her a gift. Hrm… now I need to start thinking of what to get her for Christmas.

Jingle Pal Jamie Jingle Pal Jamie

And lastly, the other picture is her nursing her new toy. We will have to see how long she can stand the Jingle Pals. I’d imagine that Jules will get annoyed with this pretty fast and will destroy it. Then Jamie will be sad. Ah, the perfect opening to make her happy. Yes! That’s it! Jules, destroy it and I will be her savior! Muhaha!

7 thoughts on “Jingle Pal Jamie”

  1. LOL, ask me in about two weeks and we’ll see where I stand on utter destruction of the Jingle Pals that will send Jamie sniffling into your arms.

    And I’m not exactly sure if I set the bar high, or lowered it beyond all belief. Don’t forget, all I did was get Jamie something she asked for. It’s up to you to surprise her. I got faith in your ability to delight her this Christmas season.

    PS. When in doubt, get her food. Lots of it. And deep fried.

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