Wine, Cheese, Crackers, and Song

Last night, after running some errands with Jamie at Northgate, we headed over to Anthony’s place to just hang out and have a few drinks. It just so happened that Jamie and I had bought some wine that night when we were at QFC, so we brought that along as well. Also, since we were a little hungry, Trevor brought the cheese and crackers. A winning combination if you ask me.

It was funny sitting at my place before we got to Anthony’s. I am on my phone talking to Anthony about what movie we should watch and discussing on whether or not “The Ring” is Meow, Meow. We decided that something scary wouldn’t be that exciting, so we eventually settled on Moulin Rouge. All the while I am talking to Anthony, Jamie is on a chair right next to me talking to Trevor and figuring out what to do with him. It was like a 4-way conference call, except Jamie and I were the operators. However, the funny part was when both of the calls ended at the same time and we closed our phones at almost exactly the same time. Ok, maybe not funny to you, but it was funny to us. Moving on…

After beginning our walk in the rain to Anthony’s I finally figured out how to get Jamie to run (she hates running). Tell her I will wear my tuxedo sometime. Yeah, that works. Strange, huh? It took me off guard when I said that I would wear it for Christmas and she started running, umbrella and all. I’m like, “Where are you going?” Her reply, “I got excited, so I started running.” Yes, that was something new for me too. So, know this about Jamie: Excitement = She will run.

Once we arrived at Anthony’s place we just popped in the movie and popped the corks out of the wine and began to drink. It was a really good time to see Moulin Rouge again. Last time I saw it I fell asleep near the end. I thought I missed more than I actually did. But, it was good to finally see the movie in its entirety.

Along the way, when watching the movie, we just talked and had a good time. We had to have had around 3ish glasses, which left most of us happily buzzed. However, the quote of the night had to have been from Jamie. She’s laying on Anthony’s bed and she says something along the lines of “Wow! We each finished our own bottle!” After she said that we all started laughing uncontrollably. We couldn’t help ourselves because right above her head were the three bottles that we drank. These were the only three we had all night too. Ah, good times.

Last night, was a really good way to just unwind after a somewhat hellish end of the week with projects and school stuff. It will be over soon enough, but when you have any excuse to hang out with friends and have a drink or two, you usually forget about what you have to do… if only for a little while.