Trillian, You’re A Bully

Trillian. Many of us use it, or have used it in the past. It is that IM client by Cerulean Studios that looks sexy and works pretty well too. I say pretty well because I have one big gripe with it. It always thinks that it is right and that bothers me.

The only reason that I don’t like to use Trillian is for the following: It always thinks it is right. This is great and all if I am only using Trillian, but I am not. I have AdiumX on the Mac and then Gaim in the Lab as well. Neither of these two messes up my contacts more than Trillian. Trillian will add contacts that I have deleted on other systems and think “Oh well, you must not have wanted to delete those contacts! Let me put them back for you!” Yes, I wanted them deleted. No, don’t put them back.

This is why I like Gaim. It will ask me if it wants to update my local list to the one that is stored online. Genius! It knows that I changed my list and asks little ‘ol me if I want to update my local list. Man, why can’t Trillian do that? I hate purging my contacts on one machine only to have Trillian go and screw it all up. It is annoying. Even as I am writing this, I logged in, by accident mind you, and saw all of these contacts that I spent time deleting reappear again. So, looks like I need to purge over again. *sigh*

Trillian kind of reminds me of Seattle. It looks pretty, but some parts of it annoy the hell out of you.

But, like a crack IM whore, I can’t let it go on the PC. It just looks too damn nice. It is like a drug. If Gaim looked half as sexy as Trillian I’d be using it. But, no, Trillian has to go all Alpha shading on me and suck me to its wretched ways.

What I do really like about Trillian (AdiumX, Gaim, etc..) is that it supports multiple protocols. That is really the only reason that I use it. I can login to MSN and AIM at the same time, in the same program! OK, maybe that wasn’t exciting enough for an exclamation point. But, I digress. I guess I should add that the logging, tabs, spell checking, and sheer sexiness of these programs make me want to use them too. I mean, who can’t resist my AdiumX Pirate dock icon? I know I can’t. I just makes me want to talk to people.

Really, it is a love hate relationship with Trillan. I hate to love it, but I love to hate it. All I want out of Trillian is for it to stop being a bully and let me be right. It is my contact list, not yours. So, let me control it! That sentiment reminds me of the Mozilla slogan for Firefox, “Take back the web!” Well, if Mozilla made an IM client, I bet the slogan would be “Take back your IM!” and it probably wouldn’t be the bully that Trillian is.

Now that I’ve ranted, I think I am going to open Trillian and get online… *shakes fist*