10 thoughts on “WordPress 1.2.2”

  1. I’m glad that it went flawlessly for you – I had a heck of a time with my index.php and my wp-admin folder; I eventually had to use the older versions of those two files. So, my site is mostly WP 1.2.2!!

  2. Ryan, All I wanted for Christmas was a jpg instead of a blue background on my site…now I’m entangled in some sort of update dilemma. I was about to download a template and some stylesheets..whateverthey are…and I notice 1.2.2 has some sort of search feature? Am I smoking reefer or did version 1.2 also have the feature but I somhow hosed it? Any help is greatly appreciated.
    P.S. We’re having my Aunt Judy over for Christmas.
    I think she is pretty high up in the FCC. I’ll take care of this whole alleged infraction. Just don’t de-bra anyone on the website and you should be fine.

  3. **WordPress nightly build** v1.4bFL(Beta Foul Language) automatically changes bad words to good words.
    Minor edits to your config.php files and the all new zip_code plugin will bring you the all new “smart mouth” technology. Transforming potentially offensive posts into down right family friendly journalism.
    Effectively corrects cursing, racial slurs, and people that type with a lisp.
    Watch to your amazement as bad words are vaporized and fall harmlessly to your blog as things like:
    “Gosh darned”,”Dag nabbit”,”Right naughty”,”Cripes”,”Crocky”,”police man”, “white person”, “black person”, “person wearing a rag on their head”,”female dog”, “donkey”, and of course just for Ryan………..”infrastructure for holding back water”
    Later people…I’m sorry,

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