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Since I needed a place to add my digital photos online I went looking for something to manage them for me. I took a look at flickr for a while and I decided that since I was paying for this webspace that I might as well use it. But, I do really like flickr. Maybe I’ll take another look at it one day.

In its replacement, I found a package on SourceForge called gallery. It runs on only PHP; no MySQL needed! So far, it has been working out pretty well for me. My only concern is running out of space with all of the pictures that I have on my PC (*insert snicker on how I don’t have that many*). As with all of the other content on this site, I just need to find a place for this and what I want to use it for. But, for now, you can check out the link in the navigation, or click here.

1 thought on “Gallery Added”

  1. I’ll have to go through your pics some night when i’m not at work. the pic of you and jamie on “night of troy” is adorable. And i’m not surprised to see a pic of her with an inflatable snowman from candy cane lane. i’m just surprised you and trotter didn’t try to bring it home for her.

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