Learn a Little, Would Ya?

As many of you know I have a pretty cush job on campus. I have had this job for about a year now and have really enjoyed it. But, it has only been until recently that some aspects of it have been getting on my nerves. No, it’s not the patrons as you may think. They are the patrons and as much is expected of them. They ask questions, you give them answers to the best of your ability.

Where I have a hard time at my job is to watch simple questions go unanswered or wrong information be given to questions that are frequently asked of the lab assistants. Now, this really doesn’t apply for the lab assistants that have been there for a while, but there is one who just gets on my nerves a lot (I’d imagine others too).

It is not that he can’t answer the questions, they are really easy, but what drives me crazy is that he won’t spend the time to learn the answer to the question. You think you’d pick up on it after it answered for you. You think you’d remember it for next time. But, no. This just drives me wild. It even happened today, twice! I had to correct him in front of the patrons just so that they wouldn’t get all peeved when they realize all of the work he made them do. I don’t even know if he’d get it right next time. Now, he was trained on all of this, but training means nothing until you have to use it. Oh wait, isn’t that what training is for, to train you for your job? Gah!

Man, it just drives me crazy. Bah, I could write tons on this, but I just don’t feel it is appropriate or would help any.

Gosh, I haven’t written like this for a while and damn it feels good to vent, if only a little bit.