Pickle Ball

Tonight some of us went to the IMA to play basketball. However, after seeing that every court was filled we decided that we needed something new to play. So, Jamie and David were going to play pickle ball. I have actually never heard of this game before. What it is like is ping pong but played on the ground. You can find more about it here.

We started off playing doubles and the winner got to stay in. Early on Jamie and David owned everybody. But, soon after they got on their hot streak, Stephen and I got into the swing of it and just dominated. Towards the end my endurance was lacking and I was cramping and just getting flat out tired. Thus, my play dramatically decreased. This is why Stephen owned me big time, like 13-4, when we played one on one. I’ll get him back… in due time.

But, it was nice to be out with friends at the IMA. This was similar to what we did last year duing autumn quarter. Maybe there will be more to come? Let’s hope so, pickle ball was good times. If you’re nice I’ll see if we can get some action shots next time.