Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the OperaThis past weekend David, Teresa, Jamie, and I went on a double date to see Phantom of the Opera. I really didn’t know what to think about it going into it since I had heard from various people differing opinions about the film. I have actually never seen the play, so I was a little interested seeing it in the form of a movie. Now, after seeing the movie, I get the feeling that the Phantom is quite the freak. This of course could be due to the fact that in the movie he was portrayed that way, but I still think that he is quite the odd fellow.

Overall, the movie was ok. Christine, played by Emmy Rossum, did a great job and was good eye candy to stare at while watching the film. She was about the only real reason to see this movie, besides seeing the story on film. The movie was of decent length, the music was up to par for a movie rendition, and from what I hear you get to see aspects of the story that are hard to convey when seeing the play. But, since this was my first shot at seeing the story preformed, I couldn’t tell you if this is a good assessment or not. Really, the movie just seemed to be lacking something, but I still cannot figure out what it is.

In the end, I liked the movie, not enough to see it again, but if you wanted to see it I would say wait and save yourself the 5 bucks and just rent it.