When I Say Taco, I Mean Taco

Yesterday, when a group of us went to lunch down by the water, I think I had my worst Mexican food experience ever. Well, maybe not ever, but I can’t remember one where I was more dissapointed and left so unsatisified. Now, it might be that Aqua Verde just isn’t your typical Mexican place. But, when I order something, I think I have some expectation on what I will be served. However, yesterday, I was not served anything that I expected.

Now, I guess I don’t know if I actually got the food that I ordered. There were mixups at the takeout window and when we got our food you had no idea where on the menu you could find it. I mean, all of it looked the same. It was either meat, lettue, some sour cream, and cheese on top of some tostadas OR you had all of that on a bun (sans tostadas). I mean, like Jamie said, this is Mexican food for hippies. I wanted tacos, not stuff on tostadas. *sigh* Well, I guess it is just not my place.

I’m going to advocate against going to Aqua Verde, but the two times that I have been there I have left dissapointed with no desire to return. This time, I think, it has been solidified in my mind that I no longer wish to travel down to the crappy Mexican place down by the water. I’d rather go elsewhere.