When I Say Taco, I Mean Taco

Yesterday, when a group of us went to lunch down by the water, I think I had my worst Mexican food experience ever. Well, maybe not ever, but I can’t remember one where I was more dissapointed and left so unsatisified. Now, it might be that Aqua Verde just isn’t your typical Mexican place. But, when I order something, I think I have some expectation on what I will be served. However, yesterday, I was not served anything that I expected.

Now, I guess I don’t know if I actually got the food that I ordered. There were mixups at the takeout window and when we got our food you had no idea where on the menu you could find it. I mean, all of it looked the same. It was either meat, lettue, some sour cream, and cheese on top of some tostadas OR you had all of that on a bun (sans tostadas). I mean, like Jamie said, this is Mexican food for hippies. I wanted tacos, not stuff on tostadas. *sigh* Well, I guess it is just not my place.

I’m going to advocate against going to Aqua Verde, but the two times that I have been there I have left dissapointed with no desire to return. This time, I think, it has been solidified in my mind that I no longer wish to travel down to the crappy Mexican place down by the water. I’d rather go elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “When I Say Taco, I Mean Taco”

  1. Wow ryan, hate more please. You must’ve gone to a completely different restaurant than i’ve gone to down there at Agua Verde, because it is IMO one of the best mexican restaurants in seattle. Every time i’ve gone my order has arrived deliciously correct. The flavor is better than anything else I’ve ever eaten as “mexican” around seattle, and I will still continue to go there regardless, cuz it’s bomb. If all you wanted was a freakin taco, you should’ve gone to taco bell. Or jack in the box, i hear they have two tacos for 99 cents. Quite the steal… perhaps that is better suited towards your taste.

  2. Wow – that is one of the places to which I had wanted to go while I was still going to school. Oh well – I’m sure there are much better Mexican places on the ‘Ave.

  3. I don’t like Aqua Verde much myself, but I know a lot of people who do, I think you have to go there to judge for yourself. That place was actually featured in Eat for $40 a day on the Food Channel, so it can’t be that bad ;)
    Apparently the Fish “taco” is the thing to order, I told myself I’ll give one more last chance and try that next time.

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