Here I Come Avanade

On the way back from Cannon Beach today I was called by Avanade and offered a job as a Program Manager. Yeah, I’m pretty stoked. I’ll be starting April 13th. Yeah, I’m a little tired right now to enjoy it, but I’m sure I’ll write some more about it later.

15 thoughts on “Here I Come Avanade”

  1. you know what’s funny? i googled up avanade blog with no quotes, and you’re the 3rd domain listed. and if you wanted to know, the first guy doesn’t work there anymore, and the 2nd guy just started working as of yesterday…

  2. Nice work! So if Avanade is anything like Accenture, we should do lunch on Friday’s whence we’re back at the office, given that we’ll be 1 floor apart. Congrats! But I don’t start till May. In the meantime, if you drive let me know where you find good parking spots.

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