All I Want Is My Paperwork

Well, I have finally submitted my federal taxes as well as my state taxes for Minnesota. It was really painless to use e-file. This is the second year that I have done my taxes this way. E-file is one use of technology that I think really makes something easier. But, now that both of my filings have been accepted, I want to print off the PDF copies of my paperwork. I have the copies from last year and you should always keep a paper copy for your records. However, when I tried to get the PDF, which is embedded in the webpage *shakes fist*, my web browser frose. Yup, I got Firefox to freeze. So, I decided to use Internet Explorer to see if that would work. I only did this knowing that it had better embedded PDF support. The almighty IE should work, right?

Well… I was wrong. I crashed both of them on my PC. So, onto my Mac to save the day. Yup, my Powerbook has the paperwork on it since my PC can’t handle it. I used to be annoyed at the way OS X handled PDFs. I guess, for today, it saved me the hassle of finding yet another alternative to getting the paperwork for my tax filings. Now I can rest knowing that I have copies. I guess the only next best thing is knowing that I wouldn’t need them in the future.