3 thoughts on “24 The Game”

  1. man, the game is totally gonna suck if its 2005 and its only for Playstation, like that thing only had a 25Mhz clockrate! You’d think they’d at least develop for the ccurrent Playstation2…

    In all seriousness, the game might be fun, if its like a choose your own adventure with many different decisions to make and they actually have consequences. Like I would be pissed if it was game over every time I made a “wrong” decision in the story’s sense.

  2. Yeah, that “exclusively for Playstation” thing kinda bummed me out also, as well as the stilted dialogue samples that they played during the trailer. I’d prolly get it if it came out for other platforms, like PC or XBox, but I’m not going to get another platform just for this game.

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