I can say that my life has been less and less exciting since I graduated. It is not that I have had nothing going on, but nothing that really stands out as something worthy of writing. But, one thing that I have been putting off, not without thought though, is networking. Stephanie and I are curious on how we all stay in touch after graduation. We have built quite the community over the past year and a half and it would be a shame to see it all vanish.

So, Ryan, what did you have in mind?

Honestly, I really don’t know. I mean, I like blogs, but I know that some people don’t like blogging. I also kept tossing around the idea of a hosted site that could be used for the 4th cohort to stay in contact. It could aggregate blog, flickr, whatever, feeds of information and present it. I think that would be pretty cool. It could also store contact information and whatnot, really whatever we wanted. But, I am only one of many in this and I’m curious if people are interested in such a thing. I think that it would be cool to have, even more so after we all start to move apart in physical locations.

What I’m looking for is some sort of constructive feedback on what people would like to see, or if they would like to see nothing done at all. But, if you have something to offer to the plate, let me know! I want to know what you would use such a site for. Would it be like other networking packages out there? Do we just use one of those that are already made? Or do we make something more customized? Any constructive thoughts that you have would be a great help!