Wine Tasting

Last night Stephanie and Sara had people over to their place in Capitol Hill for a little wine tasting and some Hors-d’-oeuvres’. The night opened up with Anthony’s Chardonnay and then proceeded forward with 3 rounds of various red wines. I can’t really tell you what ones I really liked or not, I wasn’t really keeping track, but I really enjoyed the whole night. It was just nice to relax, talk, eat some good food, and be among friends.

I have to give it up for Stephanie and Sara. They had the event timed and prepared with such precision that it was amazing. Like, for example, the schedule:

Open Bar: (Whites Only) [Anthony’s Chardonnay]

Round One: Merlot (served with appetizers)
Washington Merlot vs.French Merlot-based Wine

Open Bar: Reds (except Shiraz/Syrah) [CA’s Chianti]

Round Two: Cabernet Sauvinaugn (served with appetizers)
Washington Cabernet vs. Chilean Cabernet

Open Bar: Reds (All)

Round Three: Syrah/Shiraz (served with appetizers)
Washington Syrah vs. Australian Shiraz

Desert: Cake!!!!!

Yeah, hardcore man. Scheduled like a champ.

There had to have been about 30 people there and they did an awesome job. So, to them I say, “Great Work!” This event was also a little going away/birthday party since Stephanie will be going off to school in California come the fall. Sadly, the night was too much fun and I didn’t take any pictures. If you are all lucky, you might be able to get some off of C.A. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Wine Tasting”

  1. Hey! I was happy you guys made it. CA had one picture of Sarah and I in the hall taking things way to seriously, probably deliberating the wine and appetizer coordination. (There were quite a few of Anthony taking a nap on the couch I think.)

    If any of you happen to find your way to San Francisco, we should bum rush Napa for the day.

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