Remember to Read the Label

Tonight I headed to Safeway to pickup some sandwich stuff for the upcoming work week with Jamie. Before I left, I asked Kony if he needed anything. He said that he needed some more cottage cheese. I thought, alright, easy enough to get. Off to Safeway I go.

Once I got there I didn’t know where I could find the cottage cheese. That was until I found the refrigator that had a big sign on it that said “cottage cheese”. So, I open up the door and grab the largest one that I could find, per his request. However, I didn’t know what kind he wanted, so I hesitated to grab the fat free one and opted to get one that had more fat in it.

When I get home he finds the cottage cheese in the fridge. However, what he reads on the label is that it is sour cream and not cottage cheese. Doh! I grabbed the wong thing. I swear it was in the door that said cottage cheese! Honest! What’s even worse is that I told myself to read the label to make sure that I got the right thing. Because earlier, I almost grabed a huge thing of yogurt.