My iPod is Limping

I think my iPod is on its last legs. I have had it for around 3+ years now and I think it has served its useful life. Day by day it is playing music, but only out of one ear. So, slowly I am going deaf in only one ear. I guess that’s a good thing, right?

The hard drive in it appears to be working just fine and I’ll probably use it to backup my photos or something, but the sound it outputs is really starting to drive me mad. The headphone jack is all screwed up. I have to fiddle with it to get sound out of both ears, but sustaining that is nothing short of a challenge. Now, the probelm is that I just got a new camera… so I might have to wait a while for this little guy.

I guess until then I’ll just alternate ears every day. That way I’ll go deaf evenly.