Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. SmithYesterday Jamie and I went out to dinner in Bellevue at Sushiya and saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Dinner was just alright. The rolls were huge and hard to get a hold of. It wasn’t the worst sushi that I have ever had, but it wasn’t the best either. Good thing I had the Entertainment Book to cut the cost of the meal in half.

After dinner, it was off to the movie. This movie was a selection by Jamie, but I didn’t have any problems with it. I mean, she was taking me to a movie with a wicked hot actress in it, so no complaints out of me. But, as Jamie says, they (Brad and Angelina) are just beautiful to look at. With that aside, the movie was actually pretty good. Better than what some critics had to say about it. One thing that I’ll have to give them is that this movie is just a action comedy. It’s nothing that’s going to make you think too hard or say, “wow, that was good!” Simply put, it’s fun, witty, sharp, and fast. All of these things combined added to my liking of the movie.

Besides the witty comedy style of the movie, the rest of the flick wasn’t half bad either. The action scenes, while completely unreal, were sure fun to watch. You got to see Angelina Jolie go all Tomb Raider on the people attacking her and it was just fun to watch. That, and the scene in the Smith’s home is pretty sweet too.

The movie seemed to just coast by and when it was done I was satisfied with what I saw. I personally liked the last line of the movie, said by Mr. Smith when at the therapist, “Ask me that sex question again” as he motions 10 with his hands. It will make more sense when you see it, but the opening scene in the therapist’s office pretty much sets the comedic tone for the whole movie.

Overall, it’s a good summer flick if you’re looking for some action and some witty comedy on the side.

Rating: (85/100)