I *heart* Dreamhost

It seems that every Dreamhost newsletter brings some good news. This month was no different:

That’s right! Every week, your plan limits will grow as follows, at
absolutely no charge:

L1: 20MB disk and 1GB bandwidth each week!
L2: 40MB disk and 1.5GB bandwidth each week!
L3: 60MB disk and 2GB bandwidth each week!
L4: 80MB disk and 2.5GB bandwidth each week!

Now we get Ruby on Rails as well!

If I wasn’t making myself clear, DreamHost now supports Ruby on Rails
right out of the box (so no further need to follow the crazy
instructions for doing it yourself like people were posting at
wiki.dreamhost.com), along with FastCGI (which you pretty much need –
unless you prefer Ruby on Snails).

Aww, thanks Dreamhost!