How you are…

I’ve caught the bug. I started using this week. I’ve got to say that it’s addicting. Not quite as addicting as flickr, but I don’t know what is. I mean, really.

For the longest time I never got involved with because it was too tedious for me to put links into it. I didn’t want to go to their interface to enter in links, I wanted something more. Well, this past week I found it. It is an extension for Firefox that posts links right to Using this extension it is so painless to add links that actually adding links is excitingly addicting.

I haven’t decided how exactly I want to use it, but I know that I will be using it a lot more than I have in the past. So, if you’re curious on what I links I like,be sure to check out my links. I’m sure I’ll have some integration with them on this site somewhere down the line, but that’s for the future.