Just Another Day at the Office

Well, today was one of those days where a bunch of little incidents really added up to something interesting. The day started off by Trevor letting me know that I wouldn’t be carpooling with him today. Well, I kind of expected that since he was under the weather the past couple days. But, I wished him well and then fell back asleep. Then, on my drive to work, there was hardly any traffic. I think that was to make up for what was to come later that evening.

After getting to work it was all business. I don’t even think I read the news at work at all today; which is unusual for me. But, it was a good day of testing and logging some defects. Also, we’re headed to Vegas this weekend, so that should be a good time as well. But, rumor has it that we might be working on Sunday. Eeek!

Once it was around time for lunch, David asked me if I would be interested in going to the market to go get some lunch with Teresa. Of course, I went to the market and saved my lunch that I brought for another day. Once we got to the market we decided to go get some Taxi Dogs, but this was no regular day at the dog stand. It was a day filled with a drug arrest within feet to where we were standing. These guys that got caught with quite a bit of marijuana. Of course, after they were arrested the cops basically looked in every single hiding spot in the park at the market to find anything else. But, it looked like there wasn’t much else.

On my way back from the office today I noticed how bad traffic was on the road right outside of the Avanade office. It was backed up for at least five or six blocks. I have never seen it that backed up before. But, a few nice motorists let me in and I was on my way… or so I thought.

Apparently there was something major going on today in the Seattle metro because traffic was bad everywhere! I couldn’t believe it! It took me 25 minutes to get from the Market to Seattle Center. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to get me home. So, this was getting on my nerves. To see if I could drive around the traffic, and get to some food and Jamie’s faster, I decided to head up to Queen Anne to try to get around it. Well, that kinda worked.

Once I got to the top of the hill things slowed down since many of the streets are littered with stop signs and that makes for slow traffic. When I reached the Safeway at the top of the hill I stopped to wait for a Safeway semi to align itself to back into the loading dock. Well, I guess the Volkswagen that was behind it wasn’t paying too much attention or wanted to get out of there really fast because it was tailing the semi when it pulled out to straighten out. So, when the semi began to back up into the loading dock, it backed right into the car. I bet the semi driver didn’t even see it, the car was way too close to the back of the truck. It was tailing it all the way out of the lot when it pulled forward. Kinda felt bad, but I pressed on. ** Note to self, don’t trail semis **

I finally got on 99 and headed north to 45th. Then it was smooth coasting all the way to Dick’s. After reaching Dick’s for some burgers, it was off to Jamie’s… an hour after I left work.


Now it’s time to finally rest.