Why Does It Matter Now?

Recently on digg.com there have been a couple of links sprouting up about how to block Google Analytics from tracking you if you visit a site that is utilizing this tool. Honestly, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m naive, but online marketing/advertising firms have been doing this for years, with similar technologies, with much more precise data (e.g. click tracking). So, I don’t get why all the sudden there is this uproar over all of this information.

Help me out here, why the freak over Google getting in on it. I know people dislike the fact that Google archives all of this, but how is this going to directly affect you? It probably won’t. I have yet to read of a case where Google’s archived data has caused adverse effects to a person. I’m not talking cached pages in their search either. I’m talking search queries, Gmail, etc… To me this seems like a complete overreaction. I mean, do you need to take steps like this just so Google can’t track you?

Maybe you do, but realize that a lot of top companies utilize similar technologies all the time to increase their revenue and increase conversions. So, to me, this looks like a case to stop it just because Google is doing it. For me, that’s not good enough. If you really mean it, stop all of it, don’t be picky and pick on just Google.

3 thoughts on “Why Does It Matter Now?”

  1. digg.com is nothing but a bunch of idiots. Its like slashdot, but without real moderation, so all you get is all the dumbass negative responses to a link.

    I’ve stopped reading digg.com’s commenters, but something its fun to get fired up about some idiots with tin foil hats on.

  2. I’m going to instead write a program that visits a lot of smart-people sites (like tons of academia & hard math sites), so Google will start thinking that I’m super smart and finally respect me.

  3. One would think that the clue bus would come along one day and hit some of these people… Most hosting companies were offering free or discounted “marketing reports” as part of hosting packages for anyone and thier brother that hosted with them during the dot-com bubble. Some of these companies still do.

    Turns out that these marketing reports are little more than usage stream analyses of your web traffic. this technology has been around for years (yes, I use it myself on my own sites) and the only reason the red flag is being thrown by the tin-foil hat brigade is because its google and not “marketanalysis.com” or some other branded site which does the exact same thing and has for years.

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