Updated Classes Page!

Today I spent some time revamping my classes portion of this site. Yes, all of my class data is still online, but now it is protected by the power of a .htaccess file. So, unless you have my file names memorized, you’re left with the files that I have listed on each of the respective class pages. Not much has really changed, but I cut out all of the little deliverables and exteranous code that doesn’t really provide much academic value. But, I’ve included all lecture notes, assignments, presentations, handouts, etc… What I didn’t include was source code in some situations, all lecutre slides, and any in class handouts. Instructor provided class materials (bascially anything I had zero part in creating/working on) aren’t mine to share and therefore aren’t displayed. We pay tuition for a reason, right? But, if you’re in dire need of code examples or help, use Google. I’m sure an answer can be found there.

Now, there is a caveat that I need to explain. This work was completed by project teams as well as on my own. I don’t mind you looking at it, borrowing ideas, and being nice with it. However, do not plagiarize, steal, copy any of this work. I know that some professors are very diligent on varying up their course material, assignments, and tests yearly, but some don’t. So, you could run along an assignment I did in a class that is exactly like one that you are doing right now. If this happens, please use your better judgement.

I plan to keep all of this online as an archive of my experience in the Information School. So, treat it nicely. Enjoy!