WordPress 2.0 RC3

The WordPress development team has been hard at work and they have released a stellar new release to their blogging software. Currently, this blog is running it, but I bet you can’t tell the difference. But, when you get a look at the admin panel, that’s where all the great additions have occured.

Gone is the tired and old interface, and in comes a brand new look and feel to the admin UI. In addition, many more modern techniques are used to show/hide different aspects of the admin panel. This is the most noticeable change that users will see, and that many will enjoy.

As for post writing goes, now there is an embedded text editor. So, gone are the days of hand coding entries in HTML (but, you still can if you want). Overall, it’s a great update and many props to to Matt and the WordPress development team.

As a side note, do NOT use the Google Toolbar’s spell check with the text editor enabled, it will embed all the html into the text editor. But, if you disable the text editor, you might be able to get around it.