SR 520 @ 148th Ave NE

SR 520 @ 148th Ave NE

SR 520 @ 148th Ave NE » Originally uploaded by rprins.

My commute home is going to be super sweet. Why Seattle, Why?!

Edit: It took almost two hours to get home tonight and I left at 5:30. To get to the first stoplight from my building at Microsoft took almost 50 minutes. It was downhill from there.

Also, some people are real jackasses. For example… I’m at an intersection where traffic from the parking ramp at buildings 122/121 comes out to the street. There are two lanes, one for left turns and one for rights. Seeing that he was too impatient to wait for the left turn, this slimy gentlemen decides to go in the right turn lane and steal next open spot in my lane (right behind me) from the guy who had been waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes. I would have let him in, but I let the car in front of him in.

So, when the next movement was made that opened space in front of me, I didn’t move an inch. I rolled my window down and waved the guy who got jacked in front of my car and let him in. I mean, it’s crazy he even did that, I’m just glad I could let that other guy in.