A New XBOX 360

Yesterday I went back to Costco to return my busted XBOX 360. As I expected, the return was painless and my refund was put onto a Costco Cash card. After that, I went back into the store, grabbed another bundle and I was back out the door. It didn’t take very long, but…

So, there’s this Asian woman two people in front of me. I see she has a cart and all it has in it is a plastic jar of peanuts. That’s it. She is pushing around a cart with peanuts in it. Since I am standing in the return line, I am a little preplexed why she would be in this line as well. After the returns in front of her are finished, she bellies up to the return counter. Yup, she returned the peanuts. The guy in front of me just about lost it. Seriously. She returned peanuts. Bah.

Anyways, I got my 360 setup and all plugged in, but all of my game saves lost. Which brings me to my next point. Xbox support is worthless. I called with one question and I had to be routed to three reps to even get an answer. It’s tough dealing with a call center that is in India. They don’t understand what I am trying to say. I can understand why they do it, but I was given misinformation which lead me to losing all of my saved game information. So, I’ll have to start over in Tiger Woods and the couple other games I had game save information for. I’m kinda upset, but it’ll be OK.

I’m just glad that the console is back in my living room. The last one died almost six months to the day when I purchased it. So, let’s hope that this one doesn’t break. *crosses fingers*