Vonage Doesn’t Block Phone Numbers

There is this telemarketer that keeps calling me (1-888-447-4169) over and over again. I am on the do not call list for both my phones since 2003 and I have called this number 3 times to have my number removed from the list. All three times I was assured that “yes” we will remove your account, but it might take 5 days (or something) to remove you from our system. Well, I know it’s been way longer than 5 days and after 177 calls starting on October 16, 2006, I’ve had enough.

I reported the number to the Do Not Call List, so we’ll see what comes of that, but if any of you have an idea on what else I can do to get these folks off of my back, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to hear your ideas.