Lost my camera

When Jamie and I were coming back from my brother’s wedding, we were looking at the pictures that I took when we were on the plane. Somewhere between the time when I took my little camera (Canon SD400) out of my carry on and when I got home, the camera was lost. I am fairly certain that I left the camera on the plane. It is very uncharacteristic of me to leave things where I don’t remember them to be or even to lose items. Needless to say, I’m bummed.

More bummed that I lost the photos than anything. But, I’ll get over it and move on. I can’t let this bother me too much. It’s just a camera. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I lost it in my room, but the chances of that are pretty slim since I’ve been looking around for it and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Usually by now I would have thought of a place to look for it, but I’m pretty positive that it was either left on the floor or in the seat pocket and I forgot about it. With our flight being a night flight and the camera case being black, it is pretty easy to see how I lost it.

I guess this can be seen as a hint to me as well. I have this digital SLR that I don’t shoot with very much and maybe this will get back shooting photos with that again. Who knows. But, I think I’ll hold of on getting a new smaller digital camera until later on, right now I just don’t need it, no matter how much I miss it.