Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth

Really, if this is how math is taught in Washington schools, I’m just as concerned as M.J. McDermott. “When problems get difficult, reach for a calculator” isn’t acceptable to me. You should have these basic math skills… at least.

3 thoughts on “Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth”

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  2. I learned about the lattice multiplication method back in high school or junior high. We learned it while doing matrices, I forget what part, but it was annoying. I heard about these other methods a few years ago, and got scared to be honest.

  3. Man, I would hate to be the youth of today. It reminds me of the crappy Integrated Math Program I have at my high school. Why can’t we just stay the way we used to be? Just straight up traditional math. None of this would be helping the kids of today develop concrete math skills that would lead them through life.

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