Morning Rain

I don’t know what it was about this morning, but it was pouring really hard. The last time it was raining that hard was sometime last week and even then I said the same thing, “Wow! It’s really raining out.” Not that is should be a surprise that it is raining in Seattle, but the rate at which it was raining was not typical.

In other morning news, I saw my first rear end collision on 520 this morning. We were about to get onto the western part of the bridge and the traffic in the lane next to me came to a stop. It wasn’t a sudden stop, it was a stop like any other congested morning traffic stop. But, out of my left side mirror I saw a car accelerating into the stopped cars. Then I heard some squeals from the breaks and the sound of sliding tires on the asphalt. It was about the time that I looked out my driver side door that the car rear ended the car directly to the left of me.

From the way it sounded and what I saw, it was more of a tap than complete destruction of the back end of the car. Things looked OK, but who knows. The cars tried to pull of to the side of the road to inspect the damage, get insurance info, etc… but we were at the point of the bridge where there is no shoulder, so they waited it out until the other side of the bridge.

Regardless, that was the first time I’ve been that close to an accident like that. When I saw the situation evolving, I was telling myself “that car is going to rear end the car next to me.” About the time that thought crossed my mind it was all over. Crazy how fast stuff like that happens.