First Business Trip

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Chicago to visit my Test Team for the first time. This trip will also mark my first “official” business trip with Avanade and my third trip to Chicago. I have been to a couple of Fly Back Friday’s but, I don’t really consider those business trips since it’s really an internal meeting for the region. I’m excited to go since it’ll be first trip related to client work, but I’m also looking forward to it since I’m breaking it up with vacation in between to Minnesota.

My schedule has me in Chicago Sunday night to Tuesday night, flying to Minnesota Tuesday night and staying there until Monday early morning. Then I’m back in Chicago for Monday until Thursday evening when I head back to Seattle. It’ll be kinda weird to be away from Seattle so long, but I am looking forward to the vacation break that I’ll have in between. The last time that I had off for vacation was when Jamie and I went to Washington D.C. in March for five days.

It will also be strange because currently Jamie is in London and Germany, and she’ll beat me back by a couple of days. So, when I get back she’ll be here, which will be nice since we’ll have not seen each other for over two and a half weeks. But, luckily for us there’s technology like Skype and IM to keep is in touch with each other.

But, when I’m in Chicago, I hear that the Taste of Chicago will be going on, so if I have the time I may have to go and check that out. Then when I get to Minnesota, the Taste of Minnesota will be going on, and I’m sure I’ll be going to the Bite of Seattle too when that’s in town… lots of food festivals to go and enjoy, I can’t wait.