Is it your birthday?

Last night after work, Trevor, David, Rufino, and I went to Claimjumper in Redmond Town Center to get some drinks before we headed out to an Avanade event that night. We were just about on our way out when someone from the restaurant came to our table. She says: “Is it your birthday?” We’re a little stunned, and Trevor says that it is David’s and we all kind of point at each other saying that it is the other person’s birthday. She’s like “OK, let me bring you dessert on us.”

At this point we think she’s kidding, but we were wrong. No joke, she shows up with a huge slice of chocolate cake. So, we got a free dessert! Nice deal, and awfully nice of her. We didn’t really know what to do since we were all kinda shocked. But, ate of it that we could. It was good, but we were all pretty full off of our beers and food that we ordered.

Pretty nice of Claimjumper and I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before.