Year in Cities, 2007

Taking a nod from, here’s a listing of the cities I visited in 2007.

Seattle, WA*
Island, WA
Ashford, WA
Eden Prairie, MN*
Chicago, IL*
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC
San Jose, CA
Las Vegas, NV

I spent at least one or more nights in each city. Those with an asterisk (*) I visited multiple times on non-consecutive trips.

I’m sure that Jamie will have a list that will be at least twice as long as mine. But, that’s OK, I can take it.

3 thoughts on “Year in Cities, 2007”

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  2. K here’s my city list by *uniques* as requested :)

    Eden Prairie, MN*
    San Francisco, CA*
    Philadelphia, PA
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Atlanata, GA
    Washington DC*
    McLean, VA
    Las Vegas, NV*
    Los Angeles, CA
    London, UK
    Tuebingen, Germany
    Baden Baden, Germany
    Chino Hills, CA*
    San Jose, CA*
    Austin, TX
    Ashford, WA
    Orlando, FL
    Redding, CA

    I didn’t count PO. :)

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