Upgraded to 2.7 and removed from Google

I’ve finally upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.7 today after I got an e-mail from Google. Apparently, somebody or something got onto my site and placed some links to a third party site in my footer. The links were not visible on my site, but were hard coded into my footer and were visible to Google and other search engines. My site will be removed from Google for 30 days. I have since removed the content from my site and have added to be resubmitted to Google. It’s just a pain that this happened in the first place as I have no idea when or how this happened. Guess it pays to keep your passwords updated.

3 thoughts on “Upgraded to 2.7 and removed from Google”

  1. Rather a worrying occurrence. Let’s hope the most malicious change was an altered footer. What version of WordPress had been running up to the update?

    And incidentally, what do you think of the WordPress 2.7 changes and updates?

  2. I think I was running the latest 2.6 version at the time. Since upgrading to 2.7, I like the new admin UI interface quite a bit. Only time will tell if I really enjoy it, but as of right now I am really liking the upgrade.

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