Well I am back in Seattle now, but it was nice to be home and to, uh, relax? Sure, I ended up spending my vacation, if you could call it that, on catching up on my various readings. That was what I did on Friday and Saturday and on the plane ride back. So, really it was no vacation at all. But, now that I am back I have more to work on. Projects, papers, homework, finals… it never ends. But, it’s alright; it will be over soon enough. Then I go home to work and make some more money. But, it will be nice to get this quarter over… however I will want to hold out as long as possible on next quarter because it will kill me. So, yeah… the days are getting shorter here, I need the light.

Today my partner and I completed our CSE project. This was nice because I was worried that it would take more time than it really did. I am glad that I got it done, because I was worrying that I would not have time to finish other things. But, like usual with me, I over-reacted and I have way more time than I thought I would. So, I will not have any troubles completing the INFO project that is due on Wednesday. This is good, because now I don’t have anything to worry about… that is until I go home for break and have to start my INFO paper. *argh* But, that is ok, because that is how I have it planned out. I am also hoping to catch up on my reading on the 3hour flight home and the various downtime at the airport. So, I am not to worried.

But, it will be nice to be home for a couple of days. I get to eat some great food (er, it better be good), and I get to sleep in my own bed. Ahhh! But, I will still be consumed with my studying, which sucks. There is really no way around this. Or at least there is no way that I see around it. I am behind on some of the little things that are being done in class and I need to catch up on them to stay on top of things. It will only help me when it comes to the end of the quarter when I have bigger things to worry about. So, really, I am just planning ahead.

Other than that, it is still friggin freezing here… not like MN freezing. But, still, you get the point.

Man, today I got three new things. Some are exciting; some are not. I ordered some poker chips last Friday and today they showed up. I ordered 500 of them, but only 499 were in the case. So, I emailed the person hoping to get a response back on if I can get that one chip. I also got Office 2003 and VS.net 2003 today from the iSchool. Office looks to be quite cool and VS.net is well, boring unless you need to use it.

Last night I went to the IMA w/ some INFO peeps and I got schooled in ball and in lifting. Today I woke up and I was super sore. But, it was in a good way. But, my right knee keeps acting up and I am kina concerned about it. I don’t want something to happen to it where I would need surgery or something. So, I might need to look into getting that looked at by a doctor. But, it was good times. We did pyramids on the bench and on the ab machine. Surprisingly my abs survived the pyramid.

Also late last night it was a little IHOP w/ Joe and Steven. It was good times to see these guys and to just chill and talk. Yeah, I get picked on cuz I’m from the Midwest, but I’m used to it. Even when I got home I told myself that I would make my 830 class. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I slept until 945 then went to my classes. Oh well.

Wow, have I been busy. I must say that the past few weeks have just flown by. I have had hardly any time to myself and to do just whatever. From orientation, to the FIG, to classes, it has been a pretty busy past couple of weeks. The best part is that I think it will stay like this most of the quarter now that classes ahve picked up and the 18 credit workload is going to pile up.

But, besides all of the work that I have to do, I am really enjoying my time back in Seattle. It is nice to be back and it is a great place to be (contrary to what others may thing). The apartment that I moved into is beyond nice and it makes it easy to want to spend time there. However, I don’t know how much time I will have to spend there this upcoming year.

The people I am living with should work out. But, it is only the 1st week and I am sure that something will come up during the course of the year that will drive me nuts. However, I am sure that I will get over it and will compromise to make the living arrangements work out.

Also, it’s nice to be in Informatics. People have been asking me if I would leave Informatics to go back to the Business School. Well, I really don’t think so. As much as I wanted to get into the Business School a year ago, that has all but faded. I think that not being admitted the first time really dissapointed me and I gave up on that program. But, what really makes it hard is that Informatics is only 70 people total in the program. Not the 600 something in the Business program. So, I feel a little more wanted by this program knowing that I was one of 35 people out of 115 that they looked at to be admitted. This is not to say that I will never go back to the BSchool, but I don’t plan on it being anytime soon. I will accept my spot and have it appear as if I will double degree, but I don’t know if I’ll ever take a class in that major. Is it a tough decision? Yes/No. But, I think that I will enjoy Informatics more, and being in a program that is only 35 people on a campus that has 50,000 people daily on it, makes a big difference and gives a better sense of community. Which is one of the things that I am not feeling in the Business School.