Say Hello To WordPress

I decided that CGI wasn’t my thing, so I switched over to WordPress. I like it because of the PHP stuff, but I had to do a little hacking to maintin the layout that I had from MT blog. It wasn’t that MT was a bad blogging system, but I just thought it was a little clunky and the XML style tags were a little annoying as well as the compiling of the site upon every entry. I hope that I will just be satisified with this and just let it be. It looks to be pretty good so far, but we’ll see how long this lasts.

Layout Updated… slightly

The layout has been updated a little bit for my blog. I had added links to the top of blog to my calendar, classes, this blog, and the main domain. The color scheme will be tweaked a little bit over the next coming days so, things might continue to change a little bit. Also, the layout is not rendering properly in IE6, so bare with me while I try to fix/hack it. If you have comments please let me know.

No More Xanga

I decided that my time on Xanga has come to an end and that I needed to go off and do my own thing. So, I decided to get a web host and two snazzy domain names: and Yeah, they both do the exact same thing since one is the mirror of the other, so you may see a link to, but it will also work with as well. So, if you a lazy typer you can type in the smaller domain name.
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