Just thinking . . .

You know, sitting here all day alone in my room doing random things left me a lot of time to think about things. Now, these things might be good, or they might be bad. I’ll just cover a few…

The Fam
Ok, now, as many of you know I school in Seattle and the family is back in Eden Prairie. So, that leaves a good 1700 miles or so between me and them. Now, when I am home all I do is bitch about being there because my old high school friends and I are out of touch and it is difficult to know what is going on when I work all day and am spending time with the family. But, being back in school for only a week now I am realizing that the next time I will see them will be in September. Yes, 9 months. Now, for some of you this may not be a big deal but for me is will be hard. I may not show it, but for those of you who really know me. I can be tough to read sometimes and what I am actually feeling/thinking may not be exactly what I come off as. Anyways, tonight I realized that from talking to them on the phone and online that I will miss not seeing them. Sometimes a voice is not enough.

Just Me
Well, I made a New Year’s resolution. Yes, I plan to keep it. Now, you probably want to know what it is. Well, it’s pretty simple: No excuses. I figure that I weak out on so many things because I just don’t want to do them. Well, I need to stop that and just do whatever. This is hard for me because I am so concrete and sequential. But, I think that I can stick to this and make the most of it. Now, you can’t come up to me and give me some bullshit like “Hey Ryan, give me $20.” That will not only land you a nasty response, but this is not the purpose of why I am doing this. I have my reasons for this and you don’t need to know them. If you ask, and I’m up for it, I’d probably tell you about anything. Yeah, anything.

Coming out to Seattle for school left me severed with all of the friends that I had in high school. Now, I guess I never considered that I would be totally severing ties with them. But, I think that it would be fair to say that I am mutual friends with many of the friends that I was good friends with in high school. Some of which, are probably reading this (I know that you are, don’t ask how I know, but I do). But, I am fortunate to know many different people on different levels out here in Seattle. Now, as much as people try to change from when they are in HS and get the chance to “start over” in college, I don’t think I really did this much. I have a good size group of people who I consider friends (if they consider me back as one is their own deal), but there are a few (they know who they are) who I guess I’d consider more than just a friend. It’s nice to have them around for anything, but you all really don’t care to hear about that. So, that’s enough about that. . .

If you read this far, congrats you should get a prize. I apologize if this doesn’t make sense, but sometimes it just helps to write things out when you are thinking of shit like this. Now, I’m not going crazy or any shit, so don’t fret. But, if you feel like asking me about this or whatever, you know the number.

*edit* New image on the left. Notice the person in the back, that’s my roommate from last year. He never gets in pictures, but I tricked him and got this one.