These picures are in no particular order…

Checking out the fortune

Alex on a cellphone that isn’t his… since his is still busted

Diana’s Nose… Don’t ask.

This was supposed to be our Gay pic, but I messed it up by really looking Gay.

Jeff and Jula out of focus

Diana in her domain… eating.

When vests attack!!!

My reaction to getting my “boob” groped.

I can’t even look at her after she groped me.

Julia being… well, Julia.

We wanted a picture of this guy in the background with the sign that was walking around in the HUB. Insead, you have the side of my head :/

Uh…. Who knows.

She’ll be sorry she did this when she gets sick.

Again my nose and a finger that is not mine in it.

That’s my lazy eye looking back at you!