Crystal Mountain

We began our trek to Crystal early in the morning and this is one of a few shots that I took along the way of “The Mountain”

Kony and I killing time on one of the many chairlift rides that we had today

A backwards shot from the chairlift back down the hill. Nothing too exciting here, but I figured that I would take it since it was such a nice day.

More “senic” photos from the chairlift

This was taken from the peek of the mountain that we were on. There is a killer panaroma below, but this is alos a very good shot.

Again, another shot from the top of Crystal. We were above the clouds today, as can be seen in this picture.

Some bird that happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Kony taking the top of the world by storm!

A picture of me at the peek of Crystal with Rainier(?) in the background.

So, uh we were doing so bad at snowboarding that we figured that we’d both jump off the top of the mountain.

The aftermath…Check out the windburn, it’s hot!

Kony had to drive to he best pay attention to the road.

Last but not least the panoramic from the top! (Click for larger browser friendly size)