Where has all my time gone?

Ok, not that this is a really interesting topic, but hear me out. Initially when this quarter started I was taking 18 credits (which is 3 over a full time student). I figured that this would not be so bad because of the course content that I was registered for. But, after only one day in my IS class, I realized that not only was this class not what I had thought, but it totally sucked. So, in the wisest decision that I have made all quarter, I dropped that classtaking my schedule back down 13 credits.

Now, 13 credits seem like not a lot of credits to be taking. Well, yea, you are right. It is not that much. But, for some reason my INFO 311 prof likes to assign a ridiculous amount of reading for every class, and I think I speak for many when I say that some of it is quite boring and not simulating to read at all. So, spending all of my day off from class this week reading for 10 hours straight was not exactly my type of fun. But, wait Ryan, you went boarding on Saturday, then a party that night and another party for a friend the next night, so what’s your bitch about? Well, ok, fine… I did have fun this weekend… Ask some people that were there on Saturday…

But, it just seems that school is consuming me with things that are not as interesting to me as they were last quarter. I mean, I really enjoy the Informatics major, but some of the material is not really in what I want to get out of the program. Nevertheless, I have to take these classes because they are apart of my graduating. Also, on top of all the reading I have the unfortunate displeasure of taking yet another CSE class. I hate CSE with a passion and I think that this professor would rather bore us to death than do anything else. But, againI have no choice, and I will pay for it.

I guess I am just frustrated with how my time is disappearing this quarter. I am having less time for myself and more time that is being dedicated in the TE Lab, reading, catching up, doing CSE, or doing other stupid stuff. Also, with me starting a job tomorrow (Wed) I know my time will be more valuable then ever for myself and for those that I want to spend time with. So, with that said, I think some change is in order in where my commitments are and where they should be. I am pretty close now, but I just feel that if I can’tgo all out, I should just stay home and pass on the torch to someone else.