Weekend. What Weekend?

Well the weekend has come and basically gone. It was spent doing some fun things (poker, mafia, IKEA!!!) and some not so fun things (studying). But, overall the weekend was good. I moved my bed around in my room and now it is higher off the gound than before. This is nothing that new to me since my bed it kinda far off the ground at home, but being so low to the ground was nice, I could just fall out of bed and go onto my business. But, yeah… The weekend was nice. Got to hang out with some cool new people on Friday when we played poker and then later moved to a friend’s apartment to play Mafia and just hang out. This was nice to get to meet some new people from around where I live. I see many of them all the time and I feel like I should at least know their name. Now I do.

But yeah, man, studying sucks. I mean, this goes without saying, but it always seems that I spend a majority of my time just catching up. But, I can’t complain, I will always find time for my friends and for meeting new people. So, I can’t bitch too bad. Overall a good weekend, now it’s time for the week to begin. I start work this week, but my Dad will be up at the end of the week and it will be nice to see him for a little bit. So, until then….