Ok, today I spent a good three hours with the Info people working on this lame ass CSE 373 homework. Not only did it suck big time but we found that recursion sucks. If you don’t know what recursion is, well basically it is a function that calls itself over and over until it meets a condition that will make it stop calling itself. So, in basic terms it’s like this: You are told to say count up one at a time over and over until you reach one hundred. When you reach one hundred you just say, “Ok, I’m done.” With the frustration of recursion we found the following funny quotes funny:

– Suck me recursively until NULL.
– Love me recursively.
– Recursion sucks @$$!
– CSE 373 sucks recursively, forever and ever.
– Eat me recursively.
– Annoy me more recursively. (Like this is hard to do ;))