The Weekend…

Well, it was nice to have a weekend to just sit back and relax and catch up on things. I sacrificed not going out and doing anything on Friday or Saturday night so that I could catch up on things. Now, I did get quite a bit done this weekend, but it was not as much as I would have liked. Mostly it is my reading that I am behind on, but that I can work on here and there. So, I’m not too worried about that.

But, other than the studying that I caught up on I got some other things done as well. I reformatted my computer to see if that would fix my problems that I was having with it. This was my late night Saturday night Sunday Morning treat to me. Surprisingly it only took 3.5hrs to get it back up to its previous state. Then Sunday was packed with stuff to do. Lunch with Jamie (the bday girl), her roommate Jules, and the always comical Anthony. Lunch was a good time and I think I ate enough to last me the entire day, but nevertheless we ended up eating later that night at Shari ‘s. But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here.

After the lunch, which was more than filling, we headed back to the TE lab to kill time before Sauna Sunday. This time was more productive than I thought it would be. I ended up finishing my CSE project during this time and was pretty excited about that. Then after we were all set, we headed out for Sauna Sunday. The iSchool crew + Julia was along this week for the adventure and it was a good time to just relax and to not think about anything really. This was something nice because it just slowed everything down and I could just enjoy doing nothing. Then, of course, around 11pm we all got hungry again so we headed out to eat. I seem to not have a problem eating and I figured that since I was going out to eat I should get something that I usually don’t have. So, this ended up being breakfast, which was amazing.

Now we come to Monday and the new week is upon all of us. There are things due this week and many things to catch up on. I just need to spend less time playing, and more time studying. As sad as that sounds, it’s true.

Tonight should be cool, I’ll look hot, like always, maybe I’ll have a picture or two to share…

Current Feeling: Hotness, because I look damn fine today