School and the converstation to come

Well, today was yet another boring, yet interesting day in the life of me. Networking is pretty much over at this point and my mind is kind of off and on in that class. We turned in out final lab project today and we should get the full credit on it. I also worked on and completed my part of our 311 paper. This was not as hard as I thought, but it’s only a first draft and it’s going to suck, but oh well. We have revisions to make to it anyways and I have more than a week to get it right for the final product. So, with that done, all I have left to do is work on this last lame ass CSE project. I’ll be so glad when this class is over. I mean, I can dig programming and all at times, but geeze I hate some of this stuff.

Anyways, back to yesterday� After work, I ran into Sandra, who is also an Informatics major. We talked about how work was and other random things like what buses we take to get home. But, then when we got on the bus, that is when the good conversation began.

It was interesting to talk to her about school and what she thought of classes. How she also thinks that one of our professors doesn’t always know what he is talking about in class. We also talked about the internal conflicts of some people in the major and how that all came to be and what we thought of it. Needless to say we differ on some things, but we agree on a lot of things too, which, was kind of shocking to me. I thought that I was more different from her than I really was and I kind of wished that we could have talked longer. The conversation was going well and then I had to get off of the bus. But, there are always other days to continue this conversation.

In other news, tomorrow will be way easy in class and work and I’m making dinner for Jula, Diana and maybe Kony (if he’s around). So, yeah, stuffed pork chops and potatoes here I come!