Fooding and Friends

I�m sitting here at work, bored off of my mind with nothing to do for the remainder of my shift. Yesterday was an eating extravaganza with Jamie making her and myself lunch and me making dinner for Jula and D. It was a great day for fooding. It was also a good day because I got my project grade back for CSE and got that all figured out. Catalyst messed up my project, but after talking to the TA it all got worked out and I did very, very well.

But, like usual for me now I am busy a lot of the time. I am being asked by people to do stuff, but I am never available, which sucks. I have people that I NEED to go hang out with, but I don’t have the time to. They know who they are and I plan to meet up with them before the quarter is over.

I just sit and think about how I would have never said that last statement when I was a freshman. I was always not busy and I had all of the time in the world. I was new to Washington and UW and I had did not have very many friends since leaving Minnesota. So, needless to say I did not get out much, or if I was asked to go out I just didn’t. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t. So, things have kind of done a complete 180 for me in the past two years and it has been for the better. School might be taking up a lot of my time, but that is ok, because that is what I am here to do. However it is nice to get out with friends and just chill for a while.