Today + Forward Thinking

Again I come to you all late at night after a day that was just like all of my other days, busy. I managed to get up to MGH today to get some help from Kevin and David on the CSE homework that is due this Friday. I’m not worried about getting it done, but I just want to be solid on how the process works for what it is asking. I think that I get most of it, but I am not sure on all of it. If I spend a little time tomorrow at work looking at it, I am sure that I will figure it out.

Today, it was really nice outside. Not like summer and no clouds nice, but nevertheless it was warm outside and it was quite mild when compared to the recent rain and cold that we have been having. But, when I think of how nice it will get I can only think of all the changes that will happen this summer�

What I mean, is that I will not be going home for the summer, or at least until September at the earliest. Now, I haven’t been gone from home this long *tear* but, it will be interesting to see how I handle it. I think that it will be ok since I will be busy with class, friends and work, but you never know. Also, I am solo again in the housing market, not to be confused with my dating status. So, I need to find a new roommate or set of people to live with next year. I am quite indifferent on the situation, but I’d like to live with people whose company I enjoy. We’ll see how that all turns out later this summer, but I can�t help but think of it right now. Only time will fix this and when I get something locked in, I will be able to stop thinking/worrying about it. But, until then it will be in the back of my mind.

Also, if you took our survey for our INFO 311 group, thanks again. As you can see I had quite a many people on IM asking for their help with this.

Oh, lastly, is eating ice cream for dinner considered dinner?

2 thoughts on “Today + Forward Thinking”

  1. yah i’m in the same boat for the housing deal. i’m not as panicky as i was last spring about it though. heh, but there’s still time for that ;)

    anyway, i feel silly writing comments here when i’m gonna see you in a little bit, so i’ll stop now. adios!

  2. sup ryan,
    “Also, I am solo again in the housing market, not to be confused with my dating status.”
    Does this mean you are not single in the dating status category anymore? Who is miss superwoman?

    but let’s drink man, dammit…..DAMAMIAJIAJAAMIAJKLFJAMAIMMMMIT! although i sound like an AA professional, I assure you I am not. We should talk again like we did last year, that shit was fun.

    Okay, good luck with the last week of class and finals. Contact me when you are finished.


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