Studying Is Cool

Since I have two finals on Wednesday I decided that it would be in my best interest to begin studying today. So, I did. I studied INFO at work after Jamie got off of her shift and then when I got home I hit the CSE books for around 4 hours. Mostly the time was spent dissecting all of the lecture slides since the last midterm and doing the new practice problems, but still, it was good review and I feel pretty confident about the material. Even more so since the test is open book and open notes.

But, earlier today when I went to work I was just totally out of it. I don�t really know what my deal was. I just couldn�t focus on anything and I was just being a complete scatterbrain. I would be talking to Jamie and then I�d totally forget what we were talking about and be like, �Hrm, could you repeat that, I wasn�t listening.� I�m hardly ever like that and when I am it is just really strange.

Also, tonight I had a brief phone call with my ex-girlfriend. It was nice to catch up on things and to just see how things are going. It�s nice to talk to her too see how she is and to see what she is up to. It�s hard to not be able to just chill every once and a while with her, but a phone call will do.

Like today, tomorrow will be more studying CSE and INFO for the finals on Wednesday. So, pretty jam packed with excitement. I know you are all not jealous, so no need to tell me. But, the rest of the week will be nice and relaxing before I head off to Whistler, B.C. for break.